Legumes project

Since 2018, vegan chef Alex Pirla, in partnership with Legumechef.com (sponsored by the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council and US Dry Bean Council), began training with the aim of teaching the importance of pulses in the diet and the social trend for vegetable cuisine, techniques for the correct preparation of dishes with pulses, food combinations to maximize their potential and minimize their “disadvantages” and publicize them as an important component in modern and successful restaurants and catering.

The Legumechef.com masterclass, two hours of theory and practice, is aimed at students of cooking, nutrition and chefs of restaurant / catering where they are taught the multiple innovative possibilities offered by legumes. Legumechef.com has prepared a cookbook with chef Alex Pirla (Prabhu Sukh). The recipes are designed if you can use pulses in a modern, creative and fun way and at the same time replace ingredients such as wheat flour and animal protein. Some fun examples are vegan brownies made with black beans, with all the flavor and texture of a brownie prepared in the conventional way.

More and more young chefs of the future will have the challenge of preparing vegetable-based menus, where health and sustainability play a very important role.

Legumes are considered a highly healthy food, since they do not have cholesterol and gluten, and because of their low and healthy glycemic index and their virtually zero fat content. They have a high iron content, are rich in minerals and group B vitamins, as well as proteins, folic acid and fibers.

In addition to being healthy, they are part of a more sustainable and responsible agriculture and diet in our environment. They consume a tenth of the water used by other sources of protein, extract water from shallow layers of soil and enrich the soil with nitrogen and microorganisms. Legumes are made up of approximately 20 to 25% of their weight in protein, which is twice the protein content of wheat and three times that of rice. When eaten together with cereals, the quality of dietary protein is significantly improved and a complete protein is formed. Legumes become an important social and gastronomic trend, given the progress towards a diet rich in vegetables, less consumption of animal proteins or a gluten-free diet. They are the perfect partners to meet the growing demand for healthy and sustainable food in our restaurant houses.

For more information on masterclasses, contact legumechef@gmail.com.

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