World Legumes DayWorld Day of Legumes and Legumechef celebrates it in style with a solidarity brunch

February 10 is World Legumes Day and in Legumechefwe will celebrate it at Hidden Factory Barcelona with a legume-based brunch with Chef Prabhu.

The chef, who is in charge of training on cooking, advises restaurants and collaborates in gastronomic events, has designed innovative dishes where legumes are the protagonists. The event wants to generate solidarity and that is why, for every mention in social networks (labeling us with the hashtags #LovePulses, #WorldPulsesDays, #ProyectoLegumbres), Legumechef will donate in your name 5 kg of legumes to the Banc dels Aliments.

Among the guests are influencers, chefs, nutritionists, press and representatives of the Legumbristas Association.